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sAPI-Tool - Simple API-Testing Tool


sAPI-Tool is a simple program you can use to test and verify your backend APIs. With currently supported GET and POST requests you will be able to validate your APIs. The easy to use interface contains a JSON-Viewer and a list of all HTTP-Headers. Download of version 1.0 is available for Windows and Linux.

Query Parameters

Select and edit your urls query parameters (i.e.) https://www.google.com/?s=query ?s=query is the query.


Enter your HTTP-Headers you want to send with your request. You need to select the checkbox to send the HTTP Headers with your request.


Here you can specify the body content of your HTTP-Post request. Use the open file icon to load a file for the content.


Here you can see the HTTP response in raw format.


This tab contains the JSON-View with a tree of all elements from the HTTP-Response


All HTTP-Response-Headers, which were send back from the Host.

Windows Download

Download (version 1.0) - 24.7MB

Linux Download (Binary)

Download (version 1.0) - 25.7MB