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Development areas

Our service ranges from AngularJS applications to Android Applications. We mostly work on developing frontend applications. Nevertheless we can assist you in developing small RESTful-APIs for your business.


First steps in implementing a successful projects is to analyse targets, tech and upcoming challenges. This step is important to not create difficulties during the project implementation. If this step is succuessfuly accomplished we can have a further look into the cost planning.

Cost planning

To allow an approximation of the project costs we will give you a free quota. We will take the project analysis into account and give you a fair quota. Furthermore current discounts will be deducted from the project costs.

Project documentation

During the project implementation milestones will be recorded and necessary developing steps will be written down in a documentation.

get a free quota

If you like you can send us your questions regarding your software project. Please include what your project is about so we can give you a correct quota. You can find the contact details on the contact site.