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Raspi IP Defence


Raspi IP Defence allows you to defend your Raspberry Pi from unathorized access. The simple interface manages the ip tables on your linux (version 1.8.2)


DNS (Domain Name System) - Port 53 - Resolves Domain names to IPs. With this setting switch on any connection to the DNS TCP Port is blocked.
TELNET Telnet - Port 21 TCP - allows unencrypted remote access to your machine.
SSH SSH - Port 22 TCP - encrypted remote access port to execute commands on your machine.
FTP File Transfer Protocol - Port 21 TCP - port for accessing FTP programs to transfer files.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - Port 25 TCP - mail programs send mails throught this port.
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol - Port 143 TCP - reads mail data from your mail server.
Emergency Shutdown This option blocks every connections and forwarding.

  • green means the switch is on
  • red is for disabled ip rules

Warning : flushes all ip table rules on start.

download (version 1.0) - 42.7MB